What-Up with the Dark Sunglasses at Night, Dude?

Ok, I’m gonna do a little song and dance here…. Two things… I soooo love Jimmy Church and all that he does for unity in our community, but I have to say that I really don’t get this alternative journalistic sort of dark marketing of darkness thing that sort of unconsciously seems to make the dark look cool and enigmatic maybe due to who our role models have been thus far.  Perhaps we can see if we can lighten up a bit in the face of that dark influence that we have unfortunately become so accustomed to that has been informing and influencing some of our unconscious decisions which are hitting us right where we create.

Let’s see if we can stop enabling all that marketing of darkness crap, shall we? For example, could we might have a FADE TO LIGHT show in future as our new alternative journalists come upon the scene, perhaps?   And the guy interviewing Catherine Austin Fitts that I’ve posted at the end of this article calls himself The Dark Journalist with his dark sun glasses at night?  Those to me seem like good realizations that we have some good opportunities to sort through all of this stuff in order to become more conscious of how we are expressing our energy?  Little pitchers have big ears, and they are watching and listening carefully.

My little cousin who is in elementary school fantasizes and flirts with the “Dark side” due to things like Star Wars and other movies and media glorifying this conflict of good and evil and violence.  We don’t need to glorify it to entrap our emotions in the time-honored tactic that dark like to deploy to use against us, we just need to understand clearly the dynamics and energies involved in order to work properly together in a balanced way to see it clearly for what it is and then change it to what we prefer.

This is different from political correctness in that it focuses on conscious creation and expression.  What level of consciousness would we like to move into?  What is our conscious expression and creation inspiring?  What neighborhood are we moving into by what we are creating energetically for ourselves and others?

Multiply times infinity disgusting arseholes who take pleasure in other people’s pain and suffering while attempting to not suffer themselves and usually failing in that process and that’s who dark are.   If we REALLY know who this group is and have experienced first hand what it is that they do to people and why, we would no longer have a problem with letting go of the enticement to glorify it AT ALL.

Simply put, it is a disease process that leads to decay, atrophy and the opposite of life in every expression, so I’m not sure why anyone would choose to glorify it.  But they market it in order to get Terrans to copy it both consciously and unconsciously in order to gain our buy-in for it to exist.  So, whether we like it or not, it is an energy that needs to be understood and dealt with especially here on Earth at the present time.  There are ways to deal with it that are productive and empowering that lead to the highest possible outcome though, and that is what we’re shooting for!

The second issue here is people like Catherine Austin Fitts who are so dang awesome, but who are beating us down without realizing it.  So, let’s let her be an example for us to learn from since I’m posting her interview with “The Dark Journalist” at the end of this article.  Please do not get me wrong.  This interview kicks major butt!  But, there are tons of things to talk about and ways in which to approach any subject, and Terrans are creative, awesome, bright beings fully able to do that in awesome and empowering ways!

So, what I am addressing here in this article is the tone and the balance that result in how we feel about what is being focused upon during a presentation or interview because as Terrans our emotions play a big role in how and what we create.  So it would be prudent to ask questions like, what could have been focused upon in addition to bring the interview back up to doubly kick arse in the, “How do we address this personally and together in an inspiring way to move into what we prefer,” department rather than the, “OMG, I’m defeated before I start and might as well hang myself in the terlit,” department?  How can we use our body-mind-spirit instruments to artfully, inspirationally, and motivationally express as we communicate, present, cuss, and discuss these issues whether in writing or aloud?

So, the task is not only to awaken people with how big of a deal these things are, but it is how big of a deal it is AND that we are fully competent and capable in the face of these things to empower and inspire ourselves in order to tweak how we are spending our time and energy personally and as a collective to do what needs to be done to make it into what we prefer instead, and then step into action in order to cement that into our new creation.

I had to learn this lesson early on and am still trying to hone my skill at it, so I’m speaking from having gone through this process and still trying to perfect it.😀 It pains me to see Catherine’s talent for finance and communication completely unbalanced in how she’s putting this information out.  Catherine, you have lots of opportunity to LIGHTEN UP TO INSPIRE US! I know that you can put this information out in ways that are not a beat-down. I know that we all can. This is totally do-able. Please be mindful and HEARTFUL of it.

In other words, what Catherine is saying is happening, is truly going on, but you guys should hear Catherine speak about all the ways we can heal this system by using money in healing ways and healing our economy. It is truly inspiring and beautiful to behold, and I LOVE TO HEAR HER when she starts describing that, BUT SHE RARELY DOES IT!  No doubt there are so many other inspiring ways she could help us to see these amazing solutions and paths to unity so we could help to bring them into existence with the big, beautiful energy she holds, but we cannot experience that until she expresses it.  I would love to hear the shows that she does be much more balanced and empowering and full of this “righting” expression because she really has the know-how to help turn this around rather than spitting the truth and leaving people in a disempowered, fearful state of being.

So, here’s a good formula. Tell us all this stuff that does need to be looked at in your opinion, but then stack it high and deep with inspiring and motivating ways to UNITE AND ASSIST IN EMPOWERING WAYS TO HEAL AND MOVE OUT OF ALL THAT dark because there are people doing that all over the world right this very minute.

So if you are going to bring the dark to the table, then please make sure that you assist us with REAL ways of how to heal that and empower ourselves. In any organization, you always have those who constantly want to bring up the problems, so I encourage all of those folks to also come to the table with REAL, DO-ABLE solutions AND REAL examples of how people somewhere in the world are already uniting and putting these solutions into action from the individual person right up to even whole countries working together who may have already solved the particular issues being brought up.

Here is a formula NOT to use… Cabal TV News…  Share all the most violent, fearful, nastiness you can in 27 minutes filled with commercials for useless, disabling products, then give us a 3 minute fun, inspiring dog story at the end to try and show that you are not all sell-out and fear porn all the time. :D  It must be TRULY balanced with a TRULY authentic means of assisting us to heal and move out of it.  If not, then there is no use in telling us about it in the first place if there’s nothing that can be done to counter it except to duck as best we can while the shite hits the fan.  Right?

I thought long and hard about even posting this interview because of the heaviness of it, but I do hope that we can write Catherine and others and give them some encouragement and inspiration to focus upon how to really balance and empower ourselves in the face of all this that is being talked about in interviews and presentations in our communities as we accept the challenge to unite and create something different together.

And, in the case of Catherine Austin Fitts, I know she can do it because she is an awesome, gifted, intelligent, and VERY GOOD person who has been through the ringer by cabal, and now has the opportunity to inspire us to unite better and empower ourselves instead of providing a beat-down most of the time.

So many people are now able to walk this line. David Wilcock and David Wolf are two people that leap to mind who are able to inspire us to empower ourselves and act with love, courage, and wisdom while still dealing with these very important topics and challenges we face, but which also bring great opportunity for us to reunite and be inspired and motivated by each other if we make that the focus rather than making the beat-down we are getting the focus. Hope that makes sense.

Bob Dean’s wife, Marcia Schafer is another force to be reckoned with who has made a business out of assisting people who own corporations to be heart-centered and do the right thing in their business practices.  Here is an hour long interview of Marcia that is pretty awesome from 2012:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC82_663Yz0

In the Lightworker community, there has been much, much ado at looking NOT at the negative.  This is true, so what we do instead is look at what needs to be looked at regardless of what it is, then set about looking at it as an opportunity to unite, heal, and move out of it in the highest, most empowering ways so that we are not sticking our heads in the sand to avoid certain topics, but we are looking at them fearlessly together in a space that comes from the fact that we know we don’t choose to create this anymore so let’s allow our looking at it to inspire us to create a more balanced, healthy state in our solutions to these issues that are coming up for our attention.

At the same time, we do need to realize that many things that may come up for our attention are merely distractions to keep us from looking at what we truly should be looking at, so discernment and balance are key in this process.  We gotta keep the main thing the main thing here.😀

It is no wonder that we have so many people that are locked up in knots with PTSD and things like it with information being presented in a fashion that encourages that state of being.  There is so much good in the world! Look at it! Focus on it! Let’s stop beating ourselves up.

Being the whipping boy is getting old here, eh? It is very necessary to look at these topics.  I know that we can look at these topics in an empowering, inspiring way that makes us feel good and inspired to actually do something about it that is wise, heart-centered, and loving to heal and move in our preferred direction. 😀❤

If you like this article and would like to read more in the same vein about this energy balance, you may also like these:
And, finally, here is the broadcast with Catherine Austin Fitts and The Dark Journalist.  As you go through it, please take breaks for balance as well as thinking/feeling how best each of these can be addressed in even the smallest ways and choices you make on a daily basis that if combined with others would have a great impact in unity, freedom, love, peace, joy, and abundance on our planet and throughout our solar system.   Also, what up with the ominous music!  Is it really helpful to over-dramatise these issues by adding that?  But, that’s a whole other article, eh?😀 Video is 49 minutes and starts five minutes into it:
Love y’all!😀❤❤❤😀

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Tinnitus or Not Tinnitus, That is the Question… Heads Up, Peeps! More Opportunities to Come Together! <3

There is a large group called the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies that is creating a database of statistics about individuals who are targeted for electronic harassment, abuse, and torture.  Seventy-five percent of their group have the tinnitus symptoms that so many lightworkers and liberation workers are now expressing  that they also have and are wondering what they are.   Seventy-five percent of a group is re-DONK-ulously high for tinnitus symptoms.  Mine started in 2011 as did many other anomalous events for me that year.

Ive listed two interviews at the conclusion of this article.  One of them is on Roxy Lopez’s show where these “tinnitus” symptoms were physically recorded on a file for about two minutes.   They were going to play them, but there was a problem.   Go to marker 15:55 (on this interview: International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies: What should you do?) and you can hear her describing this.

The owner of Revolution Radio that carries Roxy’s show, Hawk, (Mike Ringley) refused to put the recording of the “tinnitus” on the air like they had been planning on doing originally so that people could get an idea of what the tones sounded like because when he played it back, his cats ran out of the room and he got dizzy.

These electronic signals are coming from multiple directions and multiple frequencies according to people who are tracking them, and they are getting more and more high tech as time goes forward.

Hawk, who has a background in sound engineering has sophisticated equipment and looked at the signals closely saying that there was embedded digital code within the tones and were being transmitted at 999.9Hz (first one he tested was 999.1, but the second test came up 999.9Hz.)  Hawk said that embedded within the signal is digital code.

They tested two different groups inside Faraday cages. People who complain of these symptoms and people who do not. They put them inside of a Faraday cage one at a time to be tested because a Faraday cage is a grounded metal screen that surrounds a piece of equipment that excludes electrostatic and electromagnetic influences, and is used to block electric fields, however, the people complaining of tinnitus in their ears continued to set off the RF meters scanning their bodies even while they were INSIDE the Faraday cage.

This means that the frequencies are coming from the body itself and implants, which have been found in many of these targeted people who have NOT consented to having implants, are being used inside their bodies to generate these frequencies.  This is high tech stuff being used that continues to cause the signals that are actually emanating from the individuals themselves.

I personally was at the ECETI Ranch where they pointed an RF detector at me and the needle was buried in most all of the places on my body that were scanned. James Gilliland, who owns the ranch is unable to do the scanning of other people himself because his body causes the needle to be buried as well.  So someone unaffected by it has to be the one to scan another person.

I believe that Facebook has made it very easy to target certain people.  I started hearing these tones shortly after I became vocal about various issues.  I felt free to speak because I was retired, and could start speaking openly.  

I do believe that many of our names have been turned in just like in WWII names were turned in to the Gestapo. There are many, many common symptoms with this targeting, but it is also very individualized.  People actively investigating this INCLUDING POLICE OFFICERS, especially in San Antonio, Texas, as you will hear in the interviews, have actually caught Terrans participating in these heinous activities and doing these things to other Terrans that have been targeted.

Of course those folks are not sitting around and constantly targeting people for free. Someone is signing a check and sending them compensation for all this nonsense they do day and night, and TONS of links are showing up that it is DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO DARPA.

All of those participating in torture and abuse as well as those who signed the check and are supporting it need to be rounded up, tried, and be sitting in a jail cell right this second.  You all understand that when it was uncovered that our Government and military were engaging in torture that Dick (dastardly) Chenney said that yes by God, he did support and encourage that torture to take place and that he would do it again. 

He then gave some very lame excuses as to why he is so addled as to think torture is a good idea.  So, it’s not a very far stretch to see why this has grown in the area of these nasty private contractors and corporations who run everything on and off planet.  But, we’ve had enough now, and play time is over.  EVERYONE must stand united against these few bullies on the playground, period.

This targeted individual (TI) group has a very high number of suicides because they are coping on a daily basis with abuse and torture from the electronic and electromagnetic targeting.

That’s why I had such a cow when Corey Goode said those Alliance people talked about stopping using offensive weapons because they wanted the infrastructure in tact when it was handed over and not one word was spoken about the offensive weapons that are being used to torture ACTUAL PEOPLE every day around the clock and around the world and most probably also throughout our solar system by now.

I mean, you can be concerned about buildings and things, but PEOPLE need to come first that are ACTIVELY being tortured around the world with offensive weapons, shouldn’t they? Eh???

There is a ton of negative energy this dark network is producing that results in more control for them AND our spirit and Galactic families who are trying to help all these people who are being targeted are tying up a ton of their resources as well, so the game appears to be to squeeze as much negative energy out of people, and to make their bodies feel as uncomfortable as possible, while tying up as many resources as possible in order to try and make us all ineffective at working together to organize and get rid of these nasty folks and their tech that are doing all this crap.  It is all about capturing control for folks who want Nazi Germany 2.o worldwide and solar systemwide.  That is the checkmate for these folks.

So, I encourage EVERYONE to get educated and do what you can do to help bring down this network while replacing it with all the good stuff in our hearts.  And, guys, they are using physical tech to do this, ok? So, joining together in meditation will most certainly help whatever’s gonna happen in the physical to come into play and into being, but this stuff has not turned on a dime even with all that we have done so far.

It would be like turning on a lamp and meditating that the physical switch will click and move to turn itself off so that you can fall asleep properly without having to get up and physically switch it off yourself.  This is an entire network built out of our infrastructure that includes cell phone towers and satellites. It has not just, poof, disappeared because we have been meditating on it, however, it is helping to manifest the needed change IF PEOPLE will get off their butts and DO what they feel called to do in order to properly address it to bring down this dark network, and to bring its stoppage into being. 

There are two parts to change, the energetic AND the physical even though these damn psychotic parasites send in programming to our lightworker communities trying to make everyone think that you can sit upon your butt, meditate a few seconds, and all of it is put right.  This is both a physical as well as spiritual experience and the two go hand in hand.   BOTH are required, so… heart to thought to word to action to change is how these things are birthed.

I do assist in meditation every Sunday concerning the take down of this stuff, but please do not get into the blaming the victim mode because people have not been able to clear it. I have met people who have been affected by this for OVER decades and it is a miracle that each and every one of them is still here to tell about it. I salute each and every one of those people because my story has been one of the most severe cases I have come across so far for the energetic part of the weapons being used, but not in the physical (I’m sure there are worse cases out there, but I’ve just not come across them yet.)  And, please do understand that they are also targeting CHILDREN.  I don’t even like to bring that up because it is so disgusting, but it is actually happening.

There are some people being physically drugged and raped in 3D regularly.  I’m thankful I’m not one of them.  This takes lots of people working together to organize this nasty, dark network that is going on across the globe. It will also take a big group of fearless, balanced Terrans and liberation forces across the globe in order to bring it down properly. And, it better happen quick because they are planning to put ALL OF THE REST OF YOU on the list eventually.

There is much more information in both of the interviews posted at the end of this article, so I highly recommend that everyone listen to them because I’m tellin’ you right now that they want to use this system TO TARGET ALL SURFACE HUMANS for control purposes, and for negative energetic purposes, so those not yet targeted now will be on the list in the future if these ridiculous people have their way.  I feel very strongly that we will be able to put this down very effectively if we simply act together to actually do it.

Now, as far as the information that these are positive ascension symptoms, I can see how the folks pushing these tones on people who are experimenting around with mass programming of human beings would want us to think that because if you think it’s a good thing then you are not going to put up any resistance at all into getting down to the bottom of getting this nasty crap removed not only from our planet, but throughout the solar system.

These people really do a ton of smoke blowing in the lightworker community in order to attempt to stop resistance of any kind. They are highly skilled at deception and use any means necessary to reach their goals.

They are excellent infiltrators so it’s very important to stay in balance and use discernment without going gaga over the next guru that shows up on the scene and continue to both feel these things out as well as to use critical thinking skills while working together in unity to both hit this on an energetic level as well as in the physical.

If we align well enough mind/body/spirit so that we are connecting up properly, then one will guide the other very nicely.  But, opposition do their best to get in the way of that process, so the more you know about their tactics of what they do and why will help you to maintain your center, and continue to be effective, empowered, balanced, and still shining your light.

No one wants to be a member of this club, but ALL of us will be if we all do not get it together here. And, we can do it. We are built out of awesomeness! All we have to do is come together, organize, and so on. We are already doing that right here on Facebook. Ok. Love y’all!!!

Here again are the two interviews. The first one is, International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies: What should you do? 98 mins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyXpJIL501o

And, “Targeted Individuals” Dr. John Hall and Dr. Terry Robertson. 1 hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lwoxYE3Dyg

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Wake Up Alliances! We Need You!

Here is my response to today’s episode of Cosmic Disclosure Season 3, Episode 8 “Inner Earth: Debriefing the Alliance,” Feb. 23, 2016 original air date:
Here is what I find interesting. The SSP (Secret Space Program) boys seem to have lost their ability to properly track cause and effect relationships due to their feelings of jealousy toward Corey Goode and others.

Here is the chain of events so far as we have been informed: Dracos throw everyone under bus; causing cabal to turn against Inner Earth who had been assisting cabal up to that point; causing Inner Earth to become concerned because now unfriendly ETs and Cabal can reach Inner Earth to attack them; Guardians (SBA) have made a point not to negotiate directly with cabal groups or those groups who have assisted cabal;

So, the threat of Inner Earth being attacked is the most direct thread that caused Inner Earth folks to reach out to Corey because the SBA (Sphere Being Alliance, or who the Inner Earth people call The Guardians) won’t speak with them… (with one exception where SBA simply made an announcement to Inner Earth People)…

Corey did not cause that chain of events to occur, the Draco did. None of that had to do with Corey, so please get over it already. There are way more important things to contemplate here.

It is true that Gonzalez may have gleaned more information than Corey if he had been allowed into the library. But, the fact is that he was not invited. Now why do you think that was????? Hmmmmm? The way that you guys conduct yourselves, the decisions you make, and the beliefs you hold account for Corey being allowed to have that experience, and not Gonzalez.

If you guys start behaving in a trustworthy fashion consistent with unity consciousness, and you take on board that the highest expression comes from love and cooperation for ALL instead of just for you and yours, then maybe next time, Gonzalez will NOT be excluded from learning important things… because everyone will be able to trust that you guys will not use that information to inflict harm upon anyone else and will only use it for UNITY’S sake.

So, once again, you are cutting off your noses to spite your faces when you act selfishly, and I suggest that everyone put on their UNITY GLASSES while pondering and acting upon these issues, so that y’all will see how smoothly and beautifully things move when ALL involved choose to do that, eh???🙂🙂

The SSP instead of using all of these situations to build opportunities for more unity, have so far remained in their self-made service to self bubble being jealous of what they do not get to do and what they do not have.

Your behavior engaging that energy will only get you more of it, and us as well. So please knock it off! You guys are very good at seeing opportunities. PLEASE FLIP THAT ABILITY INTO A POSITIVE AND START CAPITALIZING ON OPPORTUNITIES FOR UNITY instead of what you’ve been doing!!!!

All Alliances please listen well… Stop making excuses for your own service to self behavior and pretending that it is service to others. It is NOT. You do not tell a sick patient that you will cure them over the next 50 years if you have the cure TODAY. The people of this planet are suffering NOW and want full relief and freedom NOW. Not a little freedom over the next 100 years. FULL FREEDOM NOW!

Please put your unity consciousness glasses on and see properly through that lens. The Earth herself and the people who love her and our entire solar system need for you all to make decisions based on what you would want for you and your own family and friends… FOR EVERYONE ELSE! If it’s good enough for you, then it is good enough for everyone else. If you do not want to live under someone elses thumb, then do not make decisions that put us under someone’s thumb.

To the SSP… we will know you guys get it, and that you are moving into bringing your humanity back to yourselves when we hear that you have accepted Corey and are giving him the same access to medical care you that you, yourselves get.

That is a great step to take if you do not wish to be on the end of a noose, right???? Quit being petty little immature, selfish children because all of us are counting on you to be the grown ups here and make good decisions. The first GOOD one you made was to dump the cabal. We are so proud of you for that! Keep it going, please!!!

In relaying events at the Alliance Meeting… offensive weapons were discussed, and they were told to stop using these weapons: I must say that I am completely AGHAST and taken aback that only weapons that may be disruptive to the corporate infrastructure were addressed!

Do you guys not understand that there is an energetic, psychotronic network that cabal are using on PEOPLE and other beings that it has targeted all over the world, and EVERY single time there is a false flag or some other drop in energy, these people get the crap kicked out of them in addition to the normal attacks they are forced to endure on a daily bases????

Perhaps we can arrange for you guys to be plugged into this network in order to provide some motivation to think about others instead of just yourselves and protecting corporate infrastructure so that you can better remember to also include PEOPLE into that equation???

Shut that f-ing network down! It is basically a torture machine that they have tied people into that runs on satellites and all other manner of technology that uses vibrations, magnetic fields, sound, and light in order to TORTURE PEOPLE EVERY DAY, and it is NOT pretty.

If you are going to address offensive weapons, then you most assuredly need to address the ones that affect PEOPLE and not just corporate infrastructure that humanity will be inheriting when the torch is passed… for cryin’ out loud!!! I hope to hear that this has been addressed IMMEDIATELY! Please go back and fix this! It should have been discussed whenever offensive weaponry was brought up, and I still just cannot believe that it was not. Please fix that with a quickness!!!!

You guys need to learn to see past the ends of your noses. What benefits the whole, benefits you. BRING EVERYONE UP THE THE LEVEL THAT YOU, YOURSELVES WISH TO ENJOY, DAMMIT! Make decisions based from that! We are tired of selfish assholes around here. NO MORE slavery of any kind. NO MORE deception of any kind. NO MORE pretending there is not enough. NO MORE poverty. NO MORE illness. Bring this NOW, not in 100 years… RIGHT NOW!!

Make a plan for sending both replicators and free energy that will not cause the economy to crash, and that will be a quick changeover to no longer using money at all. We choose a passion based, abundant system where EVERYONE can thrive.

Also, the technology that is being used that has destructive effects on living beings such as ELF waves, microwaves, wifi, cell phones yada, yada, yada need to be replaced with technology that supports and uplifts life instead of making it sick and killing it. Put that on y’alls list as well, and I mean it! All of us are just waiting to be able to stand up and applaud your excellent decisions as soon as you make them.

Additionally, you can dump ALL disclosure in a responsible way. Do it like this… Put it in a nutshell, then put all the details in a searchable database. For example, you can say …cabal used trauma based mind control to force SOME people without their consent to do what they wanted them to do. Give a couple details so they can get the jist of what that entails. But then dump ALL the rest of the details into an easy to use searchable database.

Then always put the disclaimer about using that database such as… Please understand that the details of this trauma based mind control are many and horrific. We have provided them here in a database that you can search if you would like to educate yourselves further, however, understand that you take on the risk of traumatizing yourself just by diving into this information that by its very nature is traumatic.

So you let the people decide how far into it they choose to go…. See? Something like that where you tell what happened, and you provide all the information, but the people can decide how far into the cess pool they would like to dive. You would have to figure out how to set up the data to fit that particular way of expressing it though.

So, all of this is not rocket surgery, folks, just do the right thing for the right reason. The planet and all beings who love her and want to live in peace, abundance, and freedom have suffered enough, and do not deserve to suffer for even one more second. Please get it together. We are all counting on you!

Also, the unity consciousness of the seven billion of us and our family and friends on the other side will NOT support the selfish decisions being made by you all, so every time you make a selfish decision from here on out, you better duck. Hear? Best to do yourselves and the rest of us a favor, and quit making those childish, selfish decisions. Act from a different part of your anatomy…your HEART!

I do want to reiterate that I am VERY grateful that you all have come to your senses enough to know that the cabal way is not the way. Do not re-create that which you want rid of so that you are the new tyrant in charge. We all deserve better than that tyrannical, abusive, unloving, beast system.

We are more than that. Help to make us better! You all have something very old and wise inside of you. Let your hearts lead your mind. Your hearts love you so much, guys! And, they know what real love is. Please stop succumbing to hate and fear disguised as love because that’s not love at all.

I look forward to hearing that all of these things have been addressed.

Thank you all for all that you are taking on. Please do not lead us into brick walls. We’ve had enough of those. Lead us into love, passion, abundance, wellness, and freedom. Do not postpone our collective joy!! Love y’all!


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3D Close-Talkers vs. Telepathy and Channeling… Trust vs. Gullibility… And SEX :) <3 <3 <3

Hi guys, before you read this article, I’d just like to emphasize that I have discovered that it has been hacked into TWICE NOW.  I stored a copy in another place and have added back the parts that were deleted from it in bold face print.  You may like to consider the implications of why someone would do that and the parts they chose to delete.  I’ll be checking the article regularly for any more irregularities.   Thanks!  Hope you enjoy it!!!  Tif

Bringing through your own higher-self being more clearly is a form of channeling that I DO condone.  However, foreign entities, or beings that are not you, are a different matter to consider.  I know most people are really just using telepathy when they say they are channeling because it has become a bit of a catch-all term to describe communication with non 3D beings, but there are some folks who are still channeling in the literal sense… You don’t have to swallow your cell phone in order to talk on it, right???🙂🙂🙂 Why risk your body when you can just listen to someone telepathically?

Let’s just consider a couple things here… We are careful of who we invite into our homes and cars, yes?  And, hopefully our bodies as well, right????🙂 <3  However, If you are one who is using channeling in the literal sense of the word and inviting FOREIGN ENTITIES INSIDE YOUR BODY TO COMMUNICATE THROUGH YOU, please be advised of the following…I ran into a guy a while back who thought The Domain were great and decent folks.  And, the guy said he read The Domain
transcript.  But, really he just skimmed it and didn’t read the
transcript CAREFULLY.  It is quite lengthy. It can be found here:
So, then this guy tells me that he went to a group where they were CHANNELING these Domain beings, and I felt as if I needed to give him a heads up opportunity to look at the Domain Transcript again because he seemed to have missed a few things.I said that: Yes, I read that entire piece.  And, that if you read it carefully, Airl comes right out and says that THEIR GROUP ARE CONQUERORS and that their STRUCTURE IS HIERARCHICAL and that THE MEMBERS THAT ARE THE MOST FREE IN THEIR SOCIETY ARE AT THE TOP OF THE HIERARCHY just like the cabal on this planet.  They are telling us who they are.  Are we listening?Conquerors throughout history have lied to get what they want step by step…JUST ASK A NATIVE AMERICAN.  I’m glad that at least Airl told the truth about her race being conquerors and how they exist in their structure in her transcript. But, what do conquerors do?  They conquer.  How do they conquer?  By the use of force, deception, and lies. Conquerors are the same no matter time nor place.
Rigelian greys are also conquerors.  They tried to gain the trust of their far distant cousins, the people of Procyon, before they took their planet by force through deception and lies, and what they are also trying to assist the cabal in doing currently here on Earth. You should really read Khyla’s statement I posted.  And, here is PART of  Khyla’s statement:
“There is a large and ever-growing cult of contactees who think of the Grays as liberators, sincerely believing them to be heavenly Star Brothers who have come to help humanity….Their “chosen ones” are attempting to sugar-coat the bitter pill and get you all to stand in line to be processed without any effective resistance, like cattle Into hamburger, depicting abduction by the Grays as a glorious experience that everyone should have. These “chosen ones” are the “bellwethers” that Charles Port referred to. There are other E.T. groups you would be happy to work with and travel in the vehicles of, but the track record that the Grays have left behind them leaves no room for doubt as to their malignancy.”  http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_18zb.htm
(The space between these two paragraphs was taken out by the hacker causing the link to Khyla’s story NOT to work.)
ET’s that are truly positives, and do NOT belong to the “positive side” of the demiurge (both sides pos. and neg. of the demiurge are negative, but that’s another story,) have evolved past the consciousness level where conquering is still acceptable.
They do not believe that the concept of conquering other races and lands is mutually respectful, so they do not practice it.  Do we see the difference yet?  Conquerers are NOT positives…The Domain, Rigelian Greys, and Reptilians and their Cabal on this planet are all negative role players here that want to force control against the will of those people they are choosing to conquer.  Namely, they wish to subjugate Terrans and our beautiful planet.
Other things to consider: The channelings from “Archangels” “Mother Mary” “St. Germaine” “Jesus” and a whole plethora of others are usually coming from those I affectionately call the golfers, or GFofL (Galactic Federation of Light or CONfederation, or Federation of Light….they have many different names they go by) of whom Sheldan Nidle is a main contactee.  Many follow them.  They are closely associated with Ashtar command.

Most agree that the early Billy Meier visits were genuine and Semjase (Sem YA’ say,) one of Billy Meier’s ET contacts, spoke these very words about them…  She said that Ashtar Command in ALL its forms PAST AND PRESENT, IS DISINFORMATION AND LIES.  Golfers are encouraging people into “ascension chambers.”  Ascension is a natural event like a rainbow.  We do not need to experience a rainbow inside of a rainbow chamber, right???🙂❤

Right now, our natural gifts of telepathy and the like are coming back online after a looooooong hiatus, but most of us are still UNABLE to hear and see properly.  Please do not allow people you cannot see or hear, and do not know intimately into your body to communicate through you.

Physical example reflecting spiritual truth:  Beings can be at a respectful distance to you and still speak to you where you can hear them telepathically just as we expect 3D beings to do with us.

Physical example reflecting spiritual truth:  We do not tolerate personal space bubble invasions in 3D very well, do we???  Anyone know any “close-talkers?”  Do they get on your nerves and start unhinging you after a very short while because they are unaware of what a respectable distance is?  Remember Elaine’s close-talker boyfriend played by Judge Reinhold on Seinfeld?  Eh???🙂❤❤ <3  See a couple of belly-laughing scenes from that episode at the end of this article.

Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have VERY BIG HEARTS and have been taught by many messages streaming in through Negative role-players (Opposition) into our communities that we must trust in all situations.  Trust is awesome!  I love trust!!!  But, these messages are are teaching us to trust IN AN OUT OF BALANCE way.

TRUST must be BALANCED WITH PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE.  If not, then experience will be the teacher of that balance as in the case of people who are being too gullible who are taken in by criminals and con men.  Experience on this planet IS A GIFT FROM YOUR HIGHER SELF TO LEARN FROM.  It also reflects the spiritual.

Everything 3D started as NON3D, right? Everything started from a thought/vision and/or feeling and eventually became everything 3D that we can see and touch around us, right?  One is the reflection of the other and vice verse… spirit to physical, physical to spiritual reflecting back and forth… do-si-do and around we go doin’ the Cotton-Eyed Joe in the dance of life.🙂❤

The problem on the spiritual level is that we cannot fully see, hear, or remember, such as the chosen life at this time on the planet of a Terran, and therefore, we cannot FULLY understand and appreciate the consequences of the choices we are making on a SPIRITUAL level when we are listening and practicing the teachings of all these “Acended Masters” and the like. We may not even realize for a VERY LONG TIME what those consequences are.

Negative role-players (Opposition) take advantage of this precarious and vulnerable situation we find ourselves in as Terrans of being a bit blind and hard of hearing where the spiritual are concerned.  Opposition have been attempting to crush out our spiritual abilities and trying to divorce us from ourselves and nature for thousands of years on this planet.

What’s great about that is that Terrans are now turning the tables in a big way… very exciting time to be alive, eh???🙂❤ However, opposition, being who they are will always attempt to put down our independence.  So, we need a very good process for vetting what is coming through to us in the form of messages and teachings from 3D and
NON3D folks.

So, linking our physical experience in life as a reflector of what happens spiritually is a great practice to embrace because ONE DOES REFLECT THE OTHER, right? This is the part that is largely left out of all those messages that opposition crank into our lightworker and lightwarrior communities.

Here is a great physical example that reflects the spiritual situation.  We take proper precautions when we practice sex, right?  And, how well we know and trust a sexual partner IS OF VERY HIGH IMPORTANCE IN THE TERRAN VETTING PROCESS ABOUT WHO WE CHOOSE, AND HOW WE CHOOSE TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM OR HER, RIGHT???

This physical scenario is reflecting the spiritual one that we also need to take proper, BALANCED precautions with non 3D beings as well.  See how it works?  The physical example I brought up earlier about who we allow into our houses, cars…even those we allow into our lives would be another good example.

So in a balanced response to our non3D folks, there is no need to run down the street and scream when we are approached by them, but certainly it behooves us to NOT invite them to use our bodies either. Non 3D’s earn trust and respect just like Terran 3D beings.

Thinking of NON 3Ds simply as other beings, like you were before you were born into your current body, and like those friends and family, and all other people in the history of the Earth who have crossed over…  instead of either thrusting them onto a pedestal and being mesmerized by them on one extreme, or throwing off your clothes screaming down the street in fear of them on the other extreme, using our physical experience allows us to place them into the proper balance in how and whether or not we choose to interact with them in my humble opinion.

So, in conclusion, when we come across yet another NON3D or 3D being saying he/she/it is YHWH, Jehovah, Muhammad, Cleopatra, Great Ascended Master of the Universe, GFofL, The Domain, Greys, Reptilians, Cabal, Obama, The Bushes, Alex Jones, OPPT, Veterans Today, FOX News/CNN or what have you who are teaching or “putting out there” something we’d like to discern… this is the process I go through that may be helpful for others to use to see if their teachings are useful and in my best interest for living a life that is compatible with fellow Terrans, and our beautiful planet:

Look at what’s being put out by all sides of the issue, then compare it to our own personal past experience, combine that with our observations about how a particular energy works historically out in the world, and in our own lives all the while looking at all those things through the lens of our own intuition so that we can get the proper things coming up for our attention on those matters.

So, for example, if it’s an issue involving greed of the cabal, reading how the cabal operate where greed is concerned from many points of view, how the energy of greed has worked historically in the world, and in our own lives, and paying attention and feeling into all the things coming up for our attention as we go about sorting through how that energy works will help us to pinpoint what is true.

Lasty, it is NOT disrespectful to ASK questions.  If you are not allowed to ask questions, or are made to feel uncomfortable for asking questions, and your are coming from a place of respect in order to understand to see if that information is true in order to come to higher understandings, then that is a big, fat, nasty red flag on the play. 

It’s helpful to be aware that all beings are capable of sending distracting energy which may be a POSITIVE, Powerful LOVING energy FEELING used to distract or negative feeling energy toward you to distract you so that you will not remember, or your capacity to be clear-headed is reduced to be able to ask the questions you would normally ask had they not been sitting there trying to deceive you into NOT asking particular questions.

So, if you feel that kind of energy coming in that makes you foggy and tired, or distracted, or uncomfortable when you are trying to ask questions, it’s also a red flag.  Another technique is to get mad at you or somehow make you walk on eggshells, so that you will not question what is being said. 

If you forget what your question was, all beings are also capable of helping you to remember the question as well.  Some beings are just kind of distracting with how they feel to us and they may not be trying to distract you on purpose, so you need to just let them know how you are being affected, and they will try to help.  If they do NOT try to help, then it is most likely that they ARE trying to distract you with full intent to do so.

But, really all these energies interacting from being to being actually become pretty predictable when looked at in these ways in my humble opinion. You can start to pick up patterns and see how, and under what circumstances, they repeat out in the Universe, and here on Earth in all kinds of relationships as different aspects combine and interact, which then causes our discernment and spiritual awareness to get better and better.

Are y’all familiar with the old adage that there are only seven plots… that there are no new stories, and every plot will basically fall into those seven categories? I think these energies that keep playing out in our Universe are very old, predictable energies just being expressed in new and different variations very creatively.  And, Terrans are beautiful, creative beings!!!🙂❤

Hope what I’m saying makes sense and is helpful.

Thanks for your consideration on these matters.  Y’all are awesome!!!

Love y’all so much!!! :) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Here is a scene from the Close-Talker episode of Seinfeld…under two mins:

And one more memorable Close-Talker scene from Seinfeld…22 seconds:

Ok, one more thing… You know what, y’all are not gonna believe this but it is a totally true funny story I have to tell y’all about that episode in my life… when that Close-Talker episode of Seinfeld originally aired, I laughed so hard while I was watching it that I nearly fell off the couch, and just kept bursting into gi-normous belly laughs every time I thought about it all night long!!

So, the next day, I had a substitute teaching job in a nice elementary school that I had never taught at before there where I lived in Oklahoma at the time, and after school that day I was walking down the hall toward the office to turn my pay stuff in when the school’s elderly principal, who was really tall and thin just like Judge Reinhold, started walking toward me in the hall sticking his hand out to shake my hand while still moving in toward me, shaking my hand quickly, but continuing to move on in EVEN CLOSER, then leaned down toward my head so that he ended up with HIS NOSE SIX INCHES AWAY FROM MY NOSE…the night after the close-talker episode…

And, oh my God…it took all the strength I could muster to NOT BURST INTO LAGHTER RIGHT IN THAT POOR MAN’S FACE THAT WAS SIX INCHES AWAY FROM MINE!!!

My eyes got really big and I took a deep breath and held it, and I pursed my lips REALLY HARD TO HOLD IT IN!!! Then he introduced himself with his face STILL SIX INCHES AWAY FROM MY FACE!!! And, I then introduced myself and told him that I really enjoyed teaching at his school that day.

Then as soon as he started walking past me going the opposite direction, I busted out laughing, but in a quiet one where your whole body convulses but sound is not coming out. I made my way to the office, and once I got in, and the door closed behind me, I couldn’t hold it in any more and just was LOUDLY cracking up laughing while asking the front office ladies if they had seen Seinfeld the night before. And, all of them HAD SEEN IT!!!

Then I said, WHILE LAUGHING SO DANG HARD… well, y’alls principal just came down to meet me and was six inches from my face, and I knew there had to be a reason he was doin’ that, but because I just saw the Close-Talker episode of Seinfeld last night, I nearly busted out laughing right in that man’s face!!! And, because we had all seen the episode, ALL of us in that front office were belly laughing big time, and in between laughing where we could barely breathe, they told me that their principal was very hard of hearing and even with a bell tone device in each ear, he still was not able to hear well.

So, that solved the mystery, but it was very interesting timing indeed!!!! Hahahahah…!!!!🙂🙂🙂
Love, y’all,

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Planet Earth, the Ultimate Spiritual Challenge– Making Lemonade :) <3

In the spiritual battle royal that is raging on planet Earth and beyond, opposition are very good at finding ways to throw their opponents off balance.  They especially love to pick on folks that are unable to see their own faults, or Achilles heels.  In a nutshell, they prey upon our fears, weaknesses, and insecurities.  If you do believe that we are trying to change the planet for the better, but you do not believe there is a spiritual battle going on, you will still find this article ultimately helpful, empowering, and uplifting because everyone knows that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and that striking a good, healthy balance is the sweet spot for which we aim.

Now, to Christians, the fears, weaknesses, and insecurities opposition prey upon translate pretty well as “the seven deadly sins.”  So, for example, if your personal problem is that you are full of yourself and believe yourself to be better than others, opposition will use that against you in situations you encounter to keep you off balance spiritually making you feel beat down and uninspired with life.  Or, it might be that you comfort yourself with things that take you out of balance physically.  Opposition will look at that aspect of you to get you off balance physically and encourage you toward lots of bad habits and to indulge yourself constantly in the physical leading to various addictions and/or illness. So, when you feel bad and/or disheartened, you are out of balance in something somewhere, and it’s possible you’ve been listening to bad advice and allowing yourself to be manipulated into doing things you know better than to do.

Opposition do these things in order to encourage a weakened state of mind and body in order to maintain THEIR TYPE OF CONTROL AND ORDER which on this planet is a system where the few who have worked hard to capture most of the planet’s resources hoard them, are in charge of making all the rules, and who believe in forcing control on others by any means necessary while doing this in a manner not easily detectable because that causes resistance in those they wish to control.

Opposition do NOT want resistance to what they are trying to enact and create, but they DO encourage dissent, distraction, and confusion among those cooperating to be governed by them in order to keep “their herd” in low vibrational states that are much easier to control and manipulate.

So, now guys…  media has been used on our planet to also make this process appear WAAAAAAAY scarier than it actually is too. These scary movies Hollywood cranks out, among many other things they use those for function as a gatekeeping method that keeps us from feeling free to use our spiritual nature to bring back knowledge  to ourselves that opposition also like to covet for control purposes.  I mean… because there’s real life, and then there’s the movies, and they just AIN’T the same…  So, let’s just take out the scary music and stuff concerning the spiritual aspect of this too, ok ’cause it really doesn’t belong there.

This is really just about a person being out of balance and others on the spirit side who have learned how to take advantage of that for their own agendas. Terrans, who are functioning like opposition because they are out of balance do the exact same thing.  Whether in the physical, or the spiritual, we are still just talking about folks.  Normal folks, or beings who have a range of emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and choices to make just like everyone else.

So for example… in sibling rivalry….your sibling knows he can get a rise out of you nearly every time if he does or says certain things to bother you and get you upset.  Being upset gets you out of balance temporarily because you will scream and cry to mom or dad while in the mean time your sibling has derived much satisfaction out of upsetting you.  Then it takes time and effort on the part of you and those around you to get back to a calm state of balance.  Remember all that from when we were all growing up???? If that did not happen to you directly, then you know of someone else who did experience it, right?  It’s a growing up phase many go through on our planet.

However, some Terrans and spirit folk also never grew up and got out of that stage to understand that those things really do not serve us to engage in them if what we are choosing is peace, love, and abundance for all.  Being in a severe Peter Pan syndrome of never growing up where those things are concerned is not a plus.  Some things from childhood are great and should be encouraged for us to never grow out of, but using someone’s weaknesses to bring him down is not one of them.

So, in that case, what does serve us is to know our own strengths as well as our own weaknesses.  Opposition will use weaknesses to bring both individuals and groups down.  That’s what they do, and they are very good at it.  Most of the time you’re not gonna know if someone else is being influenced by spirit opposition or not, so best to not worry about that unless you’re starting to see a pattern emerge that’s very clear.

Nonphysical, spiritual opposition influencing is very much like Terrans negatively influencing other Terrans to do stuff we know we shouldn’t be engaging in.  Non-physiscal influencing works the same way.  You have free will to do with what YOU CHOOSE, but they will try to encourage you to buy their product just like a salesman… a salesman whose strengths lie in identifying, targeting, and leading others by using their weaknesses against them.

So, if you do not know what you’re own weaknesses are, then you are pretty much screwed because they will lead you around by your nose using your weaknesses.  We need to be working on weaknesses anyway in order to move to a place of balance, so it’s a great thing to learn to say thank you to opposition of any kind for the learning opportuity given us instead of choosing to get mad and sustaining that emotion for their benefit.

Consider using your emotions for your own benefit, but in a way that’s positive and potentially positive to others who may learn from your example. So, the next time something “makes you mad,” freeze and step out of the situation for just a moment to evaluate the situation, the choices available to you, and the energy being used in the situation by you as well as others involved.  How can you best turn a situation like that around in order for as many as possible to feel better about it and come to resolution?  In short, how can you take lemons and turn them into sweet-tasting, fresh lemonade instead?

When these things happen, you are being given an opportunity to realize… oh right… this is one of those situations where I can make lemons into lemonade.  And I am simply just writing to y’all and relaying to you what has been called to my attention by my heart and spiritual side as an opportunity to learn from situations that are occurring in my own life.  I already gave a good generic example earlier that most folks can relate to about siblings, or relationships that function similarly, so most of us can identify in general with that example.

Now let me give y’all a more specific and personal example that happened to me yesterday…  A man was using a hateful energy toward a very young girl who was serving in a very understaffed business for not noticing him waiting in line, and instead began serving a customer who had been waiting a shorter time than he.  I appreciated that man for that contrast because it caused me to recognize that the next time I feel treated unfairly, that I can choose to call attention to the problem without using the hateful energy he was choosing to use.

Then I started looking for ways to make even more lemonade.  I realized the girl, herself, had an opportunity to better recognize how to treat people fairly and was being presented also with how it feels when that hateful energy is wielded, so when faced with the same situation in the future, she may decide to make a different choice in the energy thst she chooses to use toward other people.  And, I started looking for things I liked in order to bring the situation up energetically, or vibrationally.  So, when it was my turn, I told the girl what a great job she did diffusing that situation where that man was acting hatefully to her, and that I was so glad she was there to help me with the great service she was providing.

I was very appreciative of all those people there as well as all the things they were teaching me with their actions because we can learn from both positive and negative, but ultimately we are trying to decrease the level of suffering on our planet and increase the vibrationin order to bring heart back into our planet and how we live on her.  So, as many of us as possible making lemonade out of all the opportunities we can whether positive or negative is where it’s at, Honey!!!🙂🙂🙂

Now let me tell you, Terrans are known far and wide for their creativeness and individuality.  There are so many different, creative, beautiful ways to do this already being expressed all over our planet.  I love to hear those stories!!!

Examples of how we are making lemonade come in all shapes and sizes from the very small ones that impact us individually, to the ones that affect our entire planet.  All of them are good ripples in the pond and act collectively so NONE are wasted.  So I’d like to encourage everyone to make as much lemonade everywhere as possible that brings us to a healthy, balanced state of being because…when you make lemonade, it FEELS VERY EMPOWERING, and usually not just to you!!!

Because it feels so good, it encourages others to also do it once they learn how.  This is a bit like pay it forward with an additional focus of balance and choice applied.  But, whether you want to think of it as making lemonade, or paying it forward, or something else you’ve encountered that’s similar, these are very old stories because we are still playing very old games.

We are still playing very old games because there is more to learn from playing them, right?  So let’s get busy experiencing, learning, and bringing our existence here to a balance that is a worthy reflection of our hearts, and the beautiful blue planet we love, coexist with, and care for, who gives us a home, air to breathe, water to drink, feeds, shelters, and clothes us.

Please share with us here how you made lemons into lemonade too because others will get upliftment, a feeling of empowerment,  motivation, and ideas from your stories so that they can also create lemonade in their own lives, right?  So, don’t drink-out-of-balance opposition koolaid.  Drink fresh-tasting, balanced, healthy, empowering, self-made lemonade instead!!!

Love y’all!!!



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Reincarnation Life-Beacons from 911 and OKC Bombings Beckon Us Home

In a television series called The Ghost Inside My Child about children who are pulling through startlingly clear, re-searchable facts about their previous lives, there are a couple of very important episodes that I’d like to highlight here in light of our current planetwide growing pains. :)  In one of the episodes, a little boy who’s race is white this time around, was able to remember so much detail of his past life as a black female named Pam, that his mother was able to find a news article on the Internet about her death in a fire. Yes, the idea of reincarnation involves white people having been black, and black people having been white, and many other races, religions, and orientations.  We’ll revisit this concept here in a minute because it is very fascinating🙂🙂🙂 …

In the same television series another child’s experience of past life recall is recounted as one of the many we lost in the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, and still another child’s past life was explored from the Oklahoma City Bombings.  Isn’t it remarkable to think that we are already getting back some of the folks we lost on those days? (See TV Series and Episode info at end of article.) This phenomenon of conscious past life recall is absolutely amazing because if we allow it to guide us, it holds within it the strength to usher in a new wave of cooperation and tolerance such that we have never seen before on this planet that will reach a tipping point rippling out to the rest of the population like outward-moving ring-waves formed like a stone dropped into a pond.

Now let me tell you why remembering who we used to be will bring this expression of worldwide sky-is-the-limit cooperation to us…  People who hold others in contempt for whatever reason usually do so because there is something that “irks” them about another person or group.  In past life regressions, one of the things we are finding is that these “irks” many times come from unresolved past lives.

For example… the woman who in this life hates people who she believes are inconsiderate and selfish because she had a past life lived as someone who was very inconsiderate to other people by thinking only of her needs and wants and never those of others.  She did not resolve this issue of being inconsiderate in that life, so she came into this life choosing instead to express and experience being highly considerate of others so much so that she developed a distaste for inconsiderate people.

Once she truly remembers that she, herself was an extremely inconsiderate person in another life, it helps her to more easily tolerate those she deems inconsiderate in this life because she will respect that their experience now will lead to something better eventually since it did so for her.  This concept also brings her peace of mind that we are moving to something better by being patient and tolerant with each other as we move through this difficult growth spurt in our planet’s future history that we are presently traversing. :)  While these things are true, I do believe, however, that these past life memories are NOT coming to us as an excuse to stop improving who we are in this life.

They are coming to us as tools to use in order to learn to be MORE LOVING by accepting each other as we are all growing.  Babies do not go through teething or needing diapers forever.  These are phases we are all moving through and allowing space for toward each other, and loving guidance without the hateful/hurtful stuff is helpful and is creates the loving space we prefer, which moves us more in the direction of the unity we all crave.

When we start having: men remember themselves living lives as women and women living lives as men; minorities remembering lives as being in the majority and the reverse; poor people remembering living as the wealthy and rich living as the poor; straight men and women remembering lives lived as being gay, lesbian, and transgendered people; diseased drunks and smokers remembering lives as health nuts; dwarfs remembering lives as people so tall they bumped their heads on every doorway;  Terran humans remembering lives as being all different races of ETs;  Buddhists in this life who remember being Atheists, Mormons, Satanists, Sikhs, Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Muslims, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Republicans, Democrats, Russians, Africans, Americans, Latinos, Asians, Natives, soldiers, pacifists, animals, plants, insects, trees, rocks, and clouds…  we can then choose to incorporate these past life memories of beings we already were that lived in more loving ways making it easier for us to accept ourselves and  help us give more respect to the paths of others AS WE GROW.

In these ways we will begin to throw off our petty differences and intolerance for each other in earnest allowing us to stem the urge we feel so often to control others to make them more like us.  Our reality will shift from a them and us mentality to a reality where IT’S ALL US.   SEEING EVERYONE AS US produces a HUGE cascading shift in how we see each other that in turn causes us to begin to live differently as a race of humans.

IT BREAKS DOWN THE SYSTEM OF CONTROL THROUGH FEAR we’ve been experiencing CONCURRENTLY on the planet, AND TRANSFORMS IT into an era of celebrating who we are by living in ways that are LOVING, ACCEPTING, AND ABUNDANT.  So, I welcome these experiences with open arms.  When these memories start coming in, don’t panic and run to a psychiatrist. Instead you might prefer to just relax and allow them to filter through in order to start comparing and examining those past lives with the one you’re living now knowing the great things that are in store for all of us by releasing who we were so that we can set free the united people we’re choosing to become NOW!!!🙂

In closing, I’d like to make something abundantly, extremely, and remarkably clear about why I felt as if I needed to write this article.  I see so many people who are very unhappy and hateful about the system we now have in place where the few are ruling the many.  However, the fact that we reincarnate and have experienced being both the victim and the aggressor means that we have all played the part of both the villain AND the hero, so it leaves us with no fingers of blame left to point at each other.

BOTH of these viewpoints are important.  And, they are both very good and very bad based on where we are choosing to be in the future.  The negative feelings are good because they HIGHLY motivate us to change the current system into something we prefer to experience.  However, those hateful feelings are bad if we are choosing to live in unity, love, and freedom because we cannot harbor those feelings toward each other and still be able to live in love and unity with each other.

So instead, we are now having to learn how to readjust our awareness by PUTTTING DOWN THOSE NEGATIVE FEELINGS about each other and how mistreated we’ve felt WHILE also USING THOSE FEELINGS AS the MOTIVATION for change.  It’s a moving adjustment from using those feelings for motivation to change, and then laying those feelings down when looking at how we feel about others.  We must learn to walk and chew gum at the same time here and be able to hold a space for both of these things within us in order to both make the changes we want to make in our world, and still become who we’ve chosen to become as a people united in PEACE AND ABUNDANCE FOR ALL on the planet.

Even though it’s clear to me that reincarnation is a fact of life, I do NOT think it gives us a pass on changing the inequality on this planet, but it does more easily allow us to LET GO OF THE BITTERNESS we feel about that inequality as we move into experiences based in love rather than in the lack of it. So, it most definitely is NOT AN EXCUSE for continuing acting in ways that are hurtful to others.

Reincarnation is a very important tool that  helps us let go of that hatred and intolerance so that we can truly step into a more loving way to live with each other and our beautiful planet.  So BOTH things are VERY important to hold in mind…the reasons we choose to change our world, and why we must let each other off the hook for choosing to engage in those experiences so that we can NOW EXPRESS AND MOVE INTO a new experience where we can ALL play the hero for finally having made the choice collectively to truly live in love, unity, and peace worldwide.

Love y’all so much!!!!🙂🙂🙂❤❤❤❤


***The television series mentioned in the article is called The Ghost Inside My Child.  The following is more specific information about the episodes including the lives mentioned in the article gotten from the Internet Movie Database at  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3170934/&#8230;

The Ghost Inside My Child: Season 1, Episode 3

Orphan Trains & Hotel Flames (Aug. 2013)Erika and Nick were so excited when their son Luke was born. But when Luke told his mother his name was Pam from the “time before” and how he “was pushed out of heaven,” Erika became nervous.

The children in the television series, The Ghost Inside My Child, who had past lives from 911 and the OKC bombing are curiously hard to find, and I’ve not even been able to locate the correct Season and Episode, but here are Youtube clips.  Better luck to other folks who are searching and wanting to watch the entire episodes:

…Clip from a little girl named Carson who had a past life where she passed in the OKC Bombing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-ewdRYyTJ4

…And, here is a clip from the episode with a little boy named Cade who had a past life where he passed during 911:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDE8oYtdIkc

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Although I don’t care much for Alex Jones’ delivery, much of his information is accurate regardless of other agendas he may have, and this 8.5 min. piece he did on subliminals being used on the public is excellent!  But, for my focus in this article, I’d like to call our attention to a particular portion of this video. At 2 mins 37 seconds into the video, we see a slowed down portion of a nationally run ad for Sharpie products where banners clearly say “STOP PROTESTING!”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i0uq_fAG3k

This tells us much about opposition.   For one thing it tells us that THEY DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN WE PROTEST!  When we come together to protest peacefully for something we all choose to see happen, such as coming together FOR GMO-free, pesticide-free, healthy, life-sustaining food coming into being, and we are doing so in a peaceful manner feeling the love for each other and actively bringing about a world based in love and abundance FOR ALL in unity and togetherness… well, this gets up the cabal’s nose right and proper, so what they have done is to send out waves of agitators to protests everywhere to try to turn them violent and negative in any way they can.

They have also sent ideas out through the lightworker and lightwarrior communities NOT to go against anything or any idea…going against things is bad… and just basically be a doormat… you don’t have to do anything or be anything, just let nature take it’s course and sit upon your butt type messages are what I’m talking about here.  Now to me that’s just silly because we came here to be and to do in a VERY physical experience.  In other words, we came here to be and do something physically, so let’s get to it.🙂

Another message being sent through the lightworker and lightwarrior community is that when we focus upon a problem that we are energetically making the problem bigger.  But, we don’t focus upon problems.  We focus on solutions, and we must study the problem in order to do that.  And, on this planet energy flows in and manifests as it works with physicality.  So, for example, I used to be the guardian of a cat that was very smart, a calico Manx female named Gizmo.  She was a very type “A” personality.

One day she decided she wanted to get to the top of the bookshelf we had in the living room because cats do love to survey their territory from above.  Gizmo began pacing up and down the length of the bookcase on the floor and staring intently at the spot she wanted to get to, and visually studied the entire bookcase.

She paced up and down for several hours only taking a few cat breaks to eat, drink, and sleep here and there.  During her problem-solving-manifestation process, she made a few attempts that were failed attempts, but not really because they were  mistakes that helped her to correct her course, and by the end of the day, she was on top of that bookcase surveying her family from above, and she was LOVING IT!

Here is what DID NOT happen in Gizmos solution manifestation process…the bookshelf did not get taller or wider, nor did it branch any new shelves, which is what opposition are trying to get us to believe happens if we focus upon anything that could be perceived as “negative.”  So far as I know, solutions are not negative…quite the opposite in my opinion.  When I manifest a good solution, I often do a little celebratory touchdown dance and high-five anyone standing near me!🙂

So, if we feel called to look at something, but we are uncomfortable focusing on something because we are construing it as “negative”  then flip it and think about it in a positive fashion so that it feels better, but we must not fear to look at what comes up for our attention that needs looking at!

Now balance is another thing… I do believe we need a good healthy balance in ALL things.  The job of opposition is to UNBALANCE US.  To that end, they are sending out messages through the lightworker and lightwarrior communities that we must only focus on love and light.  Doing that is just as UNBALANCED and extreme as only focusing upon hate and fear, AND it causes people to be fearful of looking directly at whatever they feel is important to look directly at.  When spirit guides us to look at something, we do not need to fear it.  We do not need to fear anything!🙂

So being aware of how we are thinking about something such as “I am thinking about problems” versus “I am thinking about SOLUTIONS to problems and ALLOWING my heart to guide me while maintaining a good balance” is really what many of us would feel better doing.

Something else I’ve found really helpful is this where finding direction and balance are concerned: Feelings are a built in feedback to us telling us what we are being, so adjust accordingly and make changes to what is being chosen as you see fit in order to achieve the proper balance.  You are the boss here of yourself and you decide whether or not advice from others will be helpful in the direction you are choosing or not… including mine!🙂

Thinking about things in terms of personal balance is very freeing and creative, in my humble opinion, because it unshackles us from the jumping from one foot to the other from directives coming through from opposition and from other beings that may be completely well-meaning, and gets us into a state where the focus becomes the direction in which we choose to move guided through our hearts instead of whether or not we are bad little boys and girls, or good little boys and girls which seems to be a more limiting way to think and experience.  Heart-centered individual self-responsibility through self-balance and self-direction is very freeing, expansive, and empowering!!!  And, when I’m able to maintain that balance, I feel like I’m up on top riding the best metaphorical wave on my metaphorical boogie board!

This comes from my heart and is offered for your consideration.

Love y’all!!!🙂



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