Ms. Fontenot (Fawn’ to know) had to take disability retirement from her career as a public school teacher around 2010. She has been working to help heal her body as well as to facilitate the healing of others.

She took a leap of faith in 2013 when she had her opiate pain pump removed, and started making big changes in her life mentally,
physically, and spiritually. She uses alternative methods for pain relief and does not regularly use pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter medications any longer.

Ms. Fontenot has come back from being nearly bed-ridden, depending on a cane, and only being able to travel in a car for 30 minutes, to having reached a physical goal of traveling for a month in Europe in the summer of 2016.

Ms. Fontenot continues to work to move her body into full health, and no longer relies on a cane to be able to walk. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education. She earned Level One and Two Certifications from Dolores Cannon before Dolores passed, in Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy method.

Ms. Fontenot has now completed both her Reverse Speech Investigator and Analyst training. And, she has now begun her Reverse Speech Practitioner’s course taught by the discoverer of Reverse Speech over 30 years ago, with her teacher, David Oates, starting April 8, 2017.

Ms. Fontenot works hard to see challenges as opportunities for improvement, and has overcome many obstacles in her life’s journey.

Her hobbies are: spending time with her very large family, playing the French Horn, writing, and doing Reverse Speech to assist people to vet public figures as a tool to improve discernment, make better choices, and to assist in choices concerning placing support to best create stronger unity and balance at home and around our world.

To see Ms. Fontenot’s work, or if you are interested in doing Reverse Speech session work with her, you may go to:
http://www.tifvision.wordpress.com , http://www.audioboom.com/tifvision , http://www.facebook.com/tifvision

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